A little Goodbye 2017 Reflection

2017 went so quickly I can’t believe here we are to another year.  I want to reflect on a few things that occurred in 2017 that will create an effect going into this year.
1.) My husband and I sold our home.

I bought our charming townhouse at the tail end of 2010.  We’ve had more parties than I can count, gotten married, and had a baby in this home.  I’ve never “loved” the actual house or the layout, but I love the location and it has definitely grown on me.  This house will always have a special place in my heart.

We have been casually looking for a new home for several months now.  While looking at an open house, we met our real estate agent, who explained in today’s market, its important to be able to move quickly when putting an offer on a house, and that in order to do so we needed to get our house under contract.  So we put our house up on the market and 3 days later, we accepted an offer.  So what does this mean for 2018? Well, it means we’re moving! and going to find a bigger home and soon.  We have really narrowed down a lot, but the right house really has not come onto the market yet.  We have high hopes.  Selling our property will also really effect our financial decisions throughout the year as well,  The new house could definitely change the amount we spend per month in a major way.  So lets hope that we find our dream home in 2018.

2.) UCF Creative School

Photo my Lysue Photography (http://lh-photo.com/)

Last year I put my daughter on the wait list to get into the UCF Creative School,  the wait list is so long I wasn’t sure how long it would be until she actually would be enrolled.  This December they gave me a call and said that she was accepted and able to start part time, once she turns two!  So my daughter will be starting shortly at the UCF Creative School.  This is is going to have a major change on our everyday patterns, impact on how she learns, and potentially financially as well.  I am really excited because I know it will be a great change for her, but I am also sad because I love our babysitter, and its sad watching our baby girl grow up so quickly.

3.) Pile on the Save the Dates and the Travel points! 

Photo by Sandra Johnson Photography (sjfoto.com)

Last year we received multiple invitations and save the dates in the mail.  So we have a lot of fun traveling and places to visit scattered throughout the year.  It really is surprising to me that we know so many people getting married, but this year we have 6 weddings to attend! They are spread out not only through out the year but also the country, even 2 outside the country!
In addition to the weddings, I have a work trip to Las Vegas, which we plan to visit some family, so it will be a very busy year for us traveling some very fun locations.  I also never know where I might have to pop out to for work, we’ll see!

4.) I re-auditioned for a dance troupe

I am not sure who took this photo but it wasn’t me – if you know tell me so I can credit them

A couple years ago I had been apart of the Orlando Bellydance training team, and then the Semi-Pro team.  I took a couple years off to enjoy time with my daughter taking classes sparatically.  But as I had more free time I was able to take classes once again and decided that I wanted to re-audition again this year.  I wasn’t able to make the actually Performance Company, but I made the Semi-Pro team.  Because the rehearsal’s are on the weekends for this particular group, I am unsure at this time at what capacity I will be dancing, but it will be at a semi-professional level again.

So much to look forward to and a lot to hope for, Looking to you 2018!

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