Graphic Design (Advertisements, Signage, Brochures, Logos, etc.)
Illustration (Characters, Branding, Storyboarding)
User Interfaces/ UX (Games, Mobile interfaces, Websites, Social Media)
Copywriting (Brochures, Websites, Advertisements, Social Media)

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About Jennie

Hi! I’m Jennie. I have a background in digital media with an emphasis in Graphic Design and branding. I obtained my masters in modeling and simulation at the University of Central Florida with an emphasis in user experience design. With my extensive knowledge of digital strategy and social network marketing I am actively involved on several Conference planning committees supporting in Public Relations and Marketing. As a member of Slice Creative Network, I freelance with several businesses. I’ve worked with Axis Magazine, Ripley Entertainment and several Central Florida based businesses. My expertise when freelancing is focused in graphic design and illustration with a fun and funky eclectic style.  I often use bright pops of color, vibrant typography, and clean vector illustrations. I love surface design specifically for the creation of patterns, as well as interface design.

Adventurer – Artist – Dancer – Nerd

I have a lot of personal interests and hobbies.  I love traveling to learn and experience different cultures and exploring nature.  I enjoy finding fun new ways to stay fit. I dance regularly, and occasionally train in the aerial arts. I also enjoy rock climbing/ bouldering, hiking and pretty much any water sport.  I love arts and crafts! My medium of choice is often digital or acrylic painting. I annually participate in local art shows, to display and sell my work. I have a passion for motivating others by sharing ways to develop and enhance their own creative ideas, you can also buy my products here.