Buying a house and Moving, a few tips I learned throughout this crazy Adventure

Phew I made it guys! We sold our townhouse back in November, finally found our house, and have moved in! It’s been a LONG process but we finally are in our new home.  We have had a lot of drama along the way from bad inspections to being threatened to be sued from scamming sellers, and we have had a lot of lessons learned through the process.  I wanted to share a few tips to anyone who will be starting the process of buying a home. I’ve added a few pictures of our new house also.

1.) Know what you want
I could also title this, what are you needs?  I made a list of everything I liked and disliked about different places I’ve lived, from this I weighted them in importance and broke them down to “must haves” and “deal breakers”, everything else could be a “nice to have but not essential”.  You also need to know if you are getting a “starter home”, a “forever” home or maybe a 5-7 year home (This plays into how much you are willing to spend).
When I say knowing what you want here is what you need to think about:
How do you live? – What are some everyday maneuvers you find that make life easier or harder for you to function everyday.  What is something you couldn’t live without?  An example for me personally was I needed the Master Bathroom and Master closet to be adjacent to each other – meaning I didn’t want the bathroom and the closet to be across the room from each other.  This was something I personally found ergonomically nonfunctional in my townhouse – it may sound petty but when you are going back and forth every morning it wastes time and causes frustration.  Another example was I needed the laundry to be in the house (Many laundry’s in FL are in the garage, and to me knowing how my husband and I live, it was something that was an automatic deal breaker.  Finally an example was we like to entertain, so we needed a place that was well suited to having many guests.

2.) Realize – unless you are in the industry, you need someone who is
My husband and I started looking casually well before we actually became serious about buying a home.  Because the market was so hot (meaning things sell very quickly) we realized that in order to get a property that suited both of our needs we needed someone who knew the ins and outs of the Real estate business and could show us the right homes.  You should get a realtor who gets you – someone who really fits with your personality and understands what you are looking for, also someone who can be patient and not rush you into something you don’t really like – why? because its a huge purchase and its something to think about and you want someone who is willing to go the extra mile to help you.  They will also know how to get your offer in the best position so that it is accepted and work with you to get seller concessions.

3.) Money money money
Get pre-approved with several lenders (They will all run your credit – but pick 3 that you think will provide the best rates) Shop around for lenders, take into account all rates, and make them bid against each other – lenders want your business don’t be afraid to do the extra work to get a better deal.

4.) Just start collecting boxes and packing now..
After going through hell of moving this past week, I am going to suggest if you know you are moving soon, purge purge purge and just start collecting boxes and packing now.  It will really save you time in the long run.

5.) Know when to ask for help
Finding a house and moving is really stressful, it takes a lot out of you emotionally and physically.  I think its important to know its okay to ask for help – especially when you need it, you can’t do it all break it down into chunks and remember you will be ok.

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