Lessons during a time of professional transition

I wrote this, earlier this year while I was transitioning and looking for a new job.  This summer was a little rough to say the least, especially the end of July, and (beginning of August).  I think this time in my life is the perfect analogy for life and potty training, there’s a lot of cleaning up sh*t but in the end things will work themselves out and I will get back into a routine.

In early July, I was told that my contract would expire on Sept 20th.  It’s really hard for me to share this with everyone, especially on my website.  Some days were really difficult, but I am grateful for the amount of time that I was able to support and experience with my project.  What I have realized is I was able to use this time as an excellent opportunity to not only reflect my skills and my expertise but to pivot in a direction that I am more passionate about that will allow me to seize potential growth in areas that align more with my interests.

Here are a few things that I’ve learned during my time transitioning into a new phase of my life that I think is important to not only pass on but maybe inspire someone else who is going through a similar situation:

1.) Never take what you have for granted
I believe this is true for all aspects of life, it doesn’t matter if you are at a low point in your life, you have something that someone else doesn’t.  Things can always be taken away, so its important to stay humble and thankful for what you have. Focus on yourself and your values, never compare yourself to others (I know that’s hard during this social media age).  Never take for granted your health, your achievements, your support system, your possessions, and the ability to make choices.  Work hard and be thankful for opportunities.

2.) Respect and Empower others
Something that has been an ongoing theme during these past few months is to respect others accomplishments.  Nothing is gained for free, those who have achievements worked really hard to get to the place they are in and deserve it.  Help those around you to succeed because you never know what place they are in their life, and you can positively effect to change their lives for the better.  Those who have been supporting me by passing my resume around, looking for positions that I potentially am a good fit for, asking me for updates on how things are progressing, and really mentoring me during this difficult time, I respect, admire, and am thankful for.  I want to be a person who helps others to embrace their choices, and cheers for them when they achieve milestones and success.  When you learn that it’s not about you, and it doesn’t have to be, then you can look at others with a new perspective to be supportive and be happy in not only yourself, but for others successes.

3.) Listen to what people say, learn from it, and make changes
I recently went to Ashley Eckstien’s book talk (Amazing by the way she’s so inspirational and kind), and during this she said something that really hit a clicking point.  Really listen to criticism, learn from it, and make changes a long the way.  After I went to the book talk, I had a meeting with a professional acquaintance who I wanted to see if he can make a few network connections.  I made an appointment with him, and walked away with an insight to a lot of changes that I needed to make in the way I was presenting myself.  I think if you are receiving harsh criticism, if someone crushes your dream, or you realize how daunting something really is (reality sets in), you can make it defeat you, or you can take it learn from it, and make the changes necessary to make you more successful.  I honestly like to be told things flat out with out sugar coating, I respect it, and even though its hard to hear I learn from it.

4.) Stay motivated and find something meaningful everyday
When you are at a low point, feeling essentially tossed aside, it can be hard to get re-motivated.  The one thing several people have said to me is to not give up, stay motivated, continue to work hard, and  find meaning in something everyday.  Remember the positives and continue to use your job as a learning opportunity of what you want for your next position.

5.) Never under estimate the power of your network
Remember you never know who is looking for your skills.  Get the word out to those around you and reach out to let them know that you are looking to transition or need help.  This goes back to empowering others, find those in your network who share the same values as you.  You never know who is willing to help you succeed.

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