LESSONS LEARNED: BRAID E-Course Identifying & Defining your personal brand

I am finally getting around to posting this.  Previously I had taken a  series of E-Courses provided by Braid Creative.  The most recent E-course I had  taken was Identifying and Defining your personal Brand.

A personal brand is the packaged and definitive you – both on the surface and deep inside.  It’s what you want people to know, do and feel – from first impressions to long-term relationships.

As the previous e-course Braid provide’s activities and worksheets to clarify your thoughts.  One of the activities is to define personality through inviting imaginary guests with distinguishable personalities.  Each of these guests explains a piece of your personality.  Who were my guests?:  Martha Stewart, Kate Spade, Shakira, Finn (Adventure time), and Daria.  Random yes.. but lets look deeper into the personalities.

A classy DIY crafter who knows how to make the perfect home, with a strong personality.

A posh colorful yet slightly offbeat fashion icon

an edgy sexy rocker who knows how to move her hips

A spontaneous and adventurous child, that you never know what will come out of his mouth next.

The nerdy brainiac who never seems to fit in, yet is an original hipster that doesn’t take sh*t from anyone because she actually doesn’t care. 

As the aspects of my personality evolve there are common threads that do not change and run through all of them. So when looking at all of these individual characteristics you see that in the common threads I am…

– Classy with a love for fine clean polished aesthetics
– Strong take action personality
– Who looks at life with a sense of humor off the beaten path

I think an important key that Braid did not talk about is who I am Now vs Who I was.  As artists and creative entrepreneurs we should be growing and gaining new experiences as we are looking to the future for what’s next.  Who I am today is not necessarily who I was when I started and my designs reflect this.  When looking at my earlier work, you can see that my style is much edgier and a lot more emotional, it stems from the struggles I had transitioning to an adult and still figuring out who I was.  Although today my style has evolved the edginess is still apparent through the use of fonts, colors and sometimes textures.

If you were to go to an imaginary dinner party, who would your guests be and what does that say about your personality?

The Magic is in the Overlap-
It’s important to “pepper” in the spice of who you are into your work, not just from a stylistic point of view but also from how you display your professional persona.  Some important lessons I learned from this course is to write how you speak, and to be honest and transparent.  I also learned the importance of Bridging the gap between the things you love in life and your work.

So how do you find out what your passion is?  A good way to go about doing this is by creating a “passion project” setting a time limit by pushing the limit of something you love.

I am planning a passion project for this year, what will it be?? well you’ll just have to wait to see.

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