I’ve been thinking a lot about social networks lately – normally its just because I am addicted to them and trying to stay ahead of the cool train. But lately it’s been primarily social network marketing strategies. And then it hit me— Social networks are Cliques!

Every book or online article I read explains creating social media strategies that it’s important to know what to do with each social network (How they work and how people interact) and who is using these Social Networks. Um, ok I already know that – But then I realized – Why it’s SO important to know your audience. Different people use different social networks! What looking at statistics indicates is what cliques use what social networks. Thus – how to develop a way to talk to them.

For example:

Facebook – The popular girl or guy that everyone loves to hate. You see the flaws, you know that it has issues, but you just can’t get away from it because everything is connected to it.

Twitter – The morning announcements or gossip crew. When you want to know what is happening right now, more about an event, or just get the general buzz, it can help in 100 characters or less.

Google Plus – Popular Nerds. Those secretly tech savvy hotties that know more technical aspects than they lead on.

Linked in – The valedictorian and academic clubs. A little boring, but insightful and usually helpful.

Myspace – Garage band geeks. Great place to find up and coming bands.

Pinterest – Crafters, Bakers and Fashionistas. Great place to find and share ideas to create.

Mean Girls – Paramount Pictures, M.G. films and Broadway video

All kidding a side, the way you approach and market to each different group of people is different, there for the way you approach their social network should be different as well.  So important questions to ask would be:

1.) Who are my clients or customers?
2.) What do they like?
3.) What are their statistics or “stereotypes”?
4.) where can you find them?
5.) What social networks are they using?

Now..Although I have used social networking sites since their beginning, I am not an expert on these sites and this is just my opinion of how I view them, and am not completely informed on their statistics. However, Mashable.com does an amazing job of informing me some great information. Here is a link to check out what they’ve said:http://mashable.com/2012/04/16/social-networks-tips-infographic/
Braid Creative also looks at Social Networks in a similar analogy here:http://www.braidcreative.com/blog/2012/01/my-so-called-social-media

Also check out these books:

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