It’s kind of amazing that in only the past 10 years, I’ve been apart of the evolving field of multimedia design.  One of the most interesting things I’ve found about this field as I’ve seen it change and morph into new forms is that the purpose in creating a website remains a constant.  Whether it’s ecommerce, educational, or some other means when you create a website, no matter how beautiful or ugly your site is, the most important piece is functionality.  How easy is it for people to navigate and find what they need?

1.) attract traffic – Get people to your site (many options)

2.) Take action (What do you want people to do at your site?) – What is the actions that you want them to do? What are your visitors doing? how can you segment them

a.) Why do you have a website – What is the purpose of the site and what do u want them to do when you visit? What goals do you want to track?

– Generate business leads (contact, mailing list) ?
– Tracking the downloads of something ?
–  Selling a product?

All factors are important.

I find this is important to look at as social media as well, if you are a company – What are your goals?  What can you measure to show that you have success?  If you can’t define that first, then why are you jumping on a band wagon?  It is extremely important to set up these goals first and then jump, or at least have an experienced quick learner who can visualize where the media can take your company.

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