What I’m reading – Chris Hardwick’s The Nerdists Way

My love for Chris Hardwick is deep, however this book fell short of my expectations.  I like books that are inspirational and provide insight on how to become motivated and guidance to get to the motivation, this was more of a detailed description on how to get there.  Don’t get me wrong, it had its moments and it was amusing at times but I had higher hopes for how it was actually written.   This is an amazing book for someone who really needs to get their sh*t together.  As it is a self-help book for a poor nerd who does not know how to manage their potential.  This book seemed to me as if Chris Hardwick went through a tough time, and at his lowest figured out how to turn his life back around and is now sharing through a step by step guide to figure out your potential.

There were a few areas that I enjoyed and learned from, some of those include:

Getting over fear: 
When it comes to irrational fear – people are not afraid of Things they are afraid of dread.  Irrational fears are the fixation on your worry.  It is something that can be very difficult to get over however it is a mind-state that can eventually be overcome.

Success can cause more stress:
Success does not come easy, if you reach your goals it does not end there, you are going to in addition need to maintain where you have achieved or you will end up failing. If you find your self in a successful situation, do not worry about the possibility that someone will take it away or that fate could drive you to have something bad happen to you.  Positive events and success happen through hard work and perseverance, stressing that it will be taken away could actually cause you to later fail.

Make Regular deposits: 
In this particular section he was discussing fitness, however I find they way it pertains to life is also true.  If you put a consistent effort towards your goals you will have a higher chance to succeed.

Time cop – be your own police force:
Chapter 16 really connected for me.  Something that he had mentioned is that you need to figure out your goals and structure your time according to them.  Ask your self – What do I want – emotional and tangible (be specific)? (This is the framework of your law).  What do you need in order to obtain these goals? Do you already have what you want and don’t realize it? Schedule everything – including fun time.  Have proper balance between achieving your goals, and having fun/ relaxing.

But in general, I really wouldn’t recommend this book unless you are finding yourself lost in life, but if you love Chris Hardwick its not horrible, you could give it a go.

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