What I’m reading: The Girl with the Lower back tattoo

As you  may have noticed by now, I love comedic memoirs.  Since I also find Amy Schumer humorous I decided to give her new book a go.  This book was entertaining.  It is not Pulitzer prize worthy, nor does it give some insight into being a better person, or helpful advice, and it never claims to do any of these things.  It is plain and simple entertaining.  It teaters between being serious and silly, but that’s no surprise, its similar to her humor. I enjoyed it, but if you don’t care for Amy Schumer – you won’t like this book.  (My co-workers didn’t care for it and found nothing she said relatable)  If you do, then you will probably enjoy it as well.

I enjoyed learning more about her struggle getting into the industry, and how it is even more of a struggle for women.  It inspires me to hear about how people work hard and gain recognition for their accomplishments.  I really respect how she is able to bring up serious topics that need to be addressed as issues for our society,  in ways that are not only relatable but somewhat humorous.

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