This week my husband and I had the opportunity to go see a pre-screening of the new movie “Jobs” (based off ofSteve Jobs life story).  Although my impression of the movie was disappointment, I really would like to recommend reading his biography.  I think it provides an amazing detail of the insight to his life and how he started Apple Computers.  It was fascinating to me on how stubborn, yet determined he was and even more impressive was how he had a strong interest in design and aesthetics.  Although I enjoyed the Steve Jobs Biography, I found reading The Pixar Touch (the making of a company) even more inspiring.

I learned a lot about their story, such as they started at NYIT in the 1970s.  This was extremely interesting to me since my mother and aunt both went to the small school, during that time.  That they were primarily developing graphics hardware which was where they were able to receive funding.    I also never realized their involvement with Lucas films, and how much people didn’t want to do feature films in the 3D space.
I really don’t know what it was about this book, but it really had such a positive influence on me.  Maybe its my obsession with animation, maybe it was seeing the struggle of something that was before its time but since reading this its made me think – What’s next? What is a technology or something that just isn’t catching on today that will revolutionize how we do things tomorrow?

Being in a research industry, I asked my friends and co-workers what they thought was a technology that is currently developed but not quite catching on.  The answers I received were very interesting.  I got a lot of typical answers, games, virtual worlds, haptic technology etc. There were a few people who said 3-D printers will revolutionize the way we purchase things online, but the technology is not mainstream enough yet.  Another answer I received was using nano robot technology to create virtual world hallucinations so you actually feel as if something is happening to you.  For the few of you that read my blog or just stopping by, I’m interested to hear your thoughts in the comments –

What technology do we have today that is cutting edge, but not quite catching on that could revolutionize tomorrow?  


What technology were you able to see catch on?

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