Why graphic designers should pay attention to All current trends

Graphic Design is also known as communication design.  This is important to recognize because  is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. The form it takes can be physical or virtual and can include images, words, or graphics (AIGA). Graphic designers tell the story that shapes the idea, brand, company, or even to build an audience, whatever the goal, its often somehow integrated to a bigger picture.  Graphic designers are a unique subset of technical artists because they are included and interwoven within so many different industries.  Graphic designers often work closely with other areas of design. This interdisciplinary collaboration has become increasingly valuable within each industry, depending on the scope of your design context its possible to see an influence of all disciplines throughout the course of a year.  Because graphic designers reach such a broad range of industries and it important for those who are within the industry to pay attention to all current trends from all industries.

1.) Fashion Industry

Atlas magazine online posted a great article that goes into the influence of Graphic designers within the fashion industry.  To shortly sum it up,  Graphic designers play a major role in the fashion industry  by shaping each brand’s identity.  From the tags and lookbooks, graphic designers are important to integrate who the designer is and who they are marketing to.  They not only shape the brands identity they can also be important for the actual product from surface design on clothing fabric to graphic T-shirts or bags, you can see the influence of graphic designers.   I will even say that graphic designers also greatly influence window displays.
Below is an excellent example of how Rifle Paper Co. (from local Winter Park, FL) collaborated with Paper Crown and Anthropologie to design this adorable dress:
Image from Anthropologie 

2.) Interior Design

Graphic designers and interior designers actually have a fair amount in common, there is even a subset of architectural graphic design because of the importance to visually communicate the richness of character and spirit of a location.   Many of the color theory and the elements/principles of design choices greatly influence much of what interior designers apply into practice, especially for commercial industries.  Graphic design is not limited to the overall architecture it also influences simple things such as paintings within room decor, and signage for movement and flow within a building.
Image source: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+BrandonBadger/posts/hpMN8QZ7h9y


3.) PopCulture
Image from: https://www.instagram.com/beyonce/?hl=en

Pop Culture is exactly that: popular culture, meaning it is what is trending within our society, and shaping our overall interest.  It’s important to pay attention to pop-culture because it is what we are paying attention to here and now.  It supports how we can deliver a message or story to the mass population and touch everyday lives.  Trending pop culture influences our history, as we look back through what was popular it shows the message of what was the major influence of that time, parodies of what is popular change how advertising can be campaigned.

Image from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama_%22Hope%22_poster

4.) Technology
Technology has a part of our pop culture, so its imperative for graphic designers to pay attention to technology because it is a new tool on how you can deliver your overall message to tell a story.  It has enabled brands to have more exposure online, allowing businesses to interact with their clients and consumers (Forbes).  Technology has not only influenced how a message is delivered it also has  provided the ability for us to work smarter, faster, and try new mediums.  Graphic design will always be a necessary tool for artistic, economic, marketing and architectural expression and will continue to evolve as a result of advances in technology and online mediums (Forbes).

5.) Businesses
Graphic design is the success or failure of a business because it is their identity.  Based on how the company displays who they are, influences how many people consume their product making it either successful or a failure.  The most popular businesses of the time influence our pop culture, everything from what we eat, how we live, and what we do.   Which makes it an important industry to pay attention to.

So whenever you see something, you should realize that a graphic designer probably helped work on that.

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